Class registration to be earlier than usual

by Sheyenne Manning

Spring and May term are getting a head start this year, as students will begin registering for classes on Oct. 12.

This is a few weeks earlier than in past years, and seniors will start the registration process on this date and freshmen will finish on Oct. 31.

The date may seem too early for spring registration, as students are just getting back into the routine.

“(The dates) are really early compared to last year,” sophomore Emily McGann said. “The school semesters are just starting and then you have to register for next semester. It’s kind of difficult to project where you’re going to be by the end of the semester”

However, Simpson’s administration is hoping to provide consistency from year-to-year and believe this date will help do so.

Registrar Jody Ragan said she expects the dates to vary by only one week each year.

“We’re trying to find some protocols to work with so the dates don’t keep shifting all the time,” Ragan said. “We’re trying to narrow down what the best time to register is.”

A change that may prove to be helpful is that students will be given two days to register, as opposed to the one day students were allowed to register last year.

“You’ll still get a registration time and date based upon earned credits,” Ragan said. “But then it’ll be open one more additional day so if there were any things you needed to go back to an advisor with, there would be time to do that.”

Like last year, students will take charge by registering themselves online. The time period in which they will register will be determined based on credits earned.

Additionally, registration will re-open on Nov. 1 for students who may have missed their allotted registration days.

May term’s registration date may shock students more, however. All students will begin registering for May term classes on Nov. 7, almost six months before the term starts.

This may cause some students to feel pressured to make quick decisions.

“It doesn’t give a student enough time to figure out whether or not he wants to travel or take a course,” junior Antonio Reyes said.

Academic advisers are feeling the pressure as they help students prepare to register themselves.

“‘Stress’ is my middle name and comes with being an adviser,” Professor of Economics Jim Palmieri said.

Palmieri intends to meet with each student he advises in order to instruct them to map out a plan for their classes and a tentative schedule for the school year.

Some students and professors can see the benefits of having an early registration date.

“By signing up for spring and May term courses earlier in the fall, it will allow students to focus 100 percent on their courses and have comfort knowing their schedules for the next semester,” Assistant Professor of Accounting Shane Cox said.

All academic advisers are preparing to answer any questions students may have about how to register or about what classes to take.

“I am willing to assist in any way I can whether it be signing up for courses or connecting with employers,” Cox said.