Simpson loses 3 staff members

Note: This story was updated at 9:40 a.m. 11/17/11 to correct Bobby Nalean’s new employer information to Iowa Valley Community College. It had been incorrectly listed as Iowa Central Community College. The Simpsonian regrets the error.

Two employees in the Center for Vocational and Integrative Learning (CVIL) and one employee in student development bid farewell to Simpson College.

Bobby Nalean, former leadership coordinator, will depart to be the Student Success Specialist at Iowa Valley Community College in Grinnell.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to learn new skills and to continue my personal and professional development,” Nalean said.

Adam Gross, former internship coordinator, will leave to work as the College Relations Manager for Web Filings.

“It just seemed like a great opportunity for a new, growing industry and a company that is obviously growing tremendously,” Gross said.

Stephanie Krauth, former associate dean of students, will be leaving Simpson Dec. 1 for Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. to become the vice president of student life.

“It’s (Westminster College) a lot like Simpson. It has 1,200 students, it’s religiously affiliated, it’s very residential,” Krauth said. “There’s a lot of similarities and a lot of great opportunities there.”

Though they are moving on, none can forget time spent at Simpson.

“My experiences at Simpson helped me discover a commitment to social justice, a passion for education, and an identity as a global citizen,” Nalean said. “It might be predictable for the former leadership coordinator to say this, but I learned how to be a leader when I was at Simpson.”

“The biggest lesson I learned is that effective, long-term culture change takes time and collaboration,” Gross said “I think I’ve laid a foundation for it and that’s what is kind of frustrating is that I can’t see it all the way through.”

Krauth will remember the time spent starting the Kate Shelley Women’s Resource Center.

“For me that was probably a highlight because that was my way of contribution to try and make the environment here a little more aware about issues of diversity that are out there; particularly sexual diversity,” Krauth said.

While Gross may feel that he has unfinished business here, he acknowledges that his move may create a new bond for the college and his new company.

“A new connection out there in a growing company (with Simpson), and hopefully I can spread the word about my time here and help the cause as I move forward,” Gross said.

Though Gross, Nalean and Krauth will no longer be at Simpson College, their hard work will live on in the programs they helped create.

“Adam has done a great job of creating a solid foundation for the internship program by establishing an effective internship registration and learning objectives process and collaborating with faculty in the creation of this process and forms,” Career Services Director Jennifer del Pino said.

“I think Bobby’s tree is still growing,” Service Coordinator and Assistant Chaplain Stephanie Neve said. “For instance, Bobby was the college’s first Leadership Coordinator, so I think we will continue to see leadership programs grow long after his time at Simpson. And without a doubt, Bobby has impacted countless students through his work, especially through the Call of Service May term trip, and as those students continue to grow, so does Bobby’s legacy.”

As CVIL continues to build on the work of Gross and Nalean and student development moves forward without Krauth, Gross takes his own advice as he moves forward in employment.

“Career is a work in progress,” Gross said. “I think that’s a message for students in my departure: nothing is forever and learn new things in whatever you’re doing and you do your best, other opportunities will come.”

Director of CVIL Jim Hayes will be working with the freshmen program due to Krauth’s departure, and all internship requests are to go through del Pino for the time being.