New initiatives for retention, recruitment

by Amanda Hintgen

Beginning next year Simpson College will guarantee internships to freshmen who qualify by communicating with Career Services.

To be eligible for this guarantee, students will have to fulfill certain requirements including talking with career services in the first year, preparatory workshops, job shadows and informational interviews.

While Simpson may believe that an internship guarantee will benefit the students, some students are skeptical as to how internships can be promised to students.

“I don’t understand how Simpson can guarantee internships,” freshman Jasmine Snell said. “They can guarantee the assistance throughout the process but they can’t guarantee that a company is going to accept your application.”

Internships offer hands on experience that can help prepare students for a career. It allows students to apply what is learned in the classroom to real life experiences.

“Experiential learning is a great way to experience a career,” Associate Professor of Education Barb Ramos said. “During early experiences, students may discover that the ‘real world’ differs from their perceptions. Others reaffirm their passion for their choice of vocation.”

Career Services is a resource that helps students find internships that match up with future goals.

“The more clear a student is about their interest in particular companies or industries, the better Career Services can assist,” Internship Coordinator Adam Gross said. “I always encourage students to complete a job shadow or informational interview with a few professionals to get a better sense of what might be a good fit.”

If a student is not sure what career field to study, Career Services offers assessments that help students better understand strengths and possible career options.

“Once the student locates a particular position, they will need to follow the proper steps for the application, interview and selection process,” Gross said.

The National Association of College and Employers (NACE) released statistics in 2011 stating that 45.9 percent of students were offered a job after a completed internship.

Only 33.3 percent of students were offered a job after no internship experience. The median starting salary is 19.7 percent higher for students who have completed an internship compared to those who haven’t.

Internships can be completed during the summer for credit if the student registers with Simpson just like a summer course. Students also have the option of interning while studying abroad.

The typical number of credits required for internships is four. These credits count towards the allotted course load for Simpson and students will be charged accordingly.

Students can find out about possible internships through the Career Paths website.