Two new jobs available

by Kate Hayden

Two new job positions are being advertised at Simpson College. A full-time position as assistant volleyball coach and a part-time position as a parking enforcement specialist are open to applications.

The athletic department released an ad Jan. 20 for a position as an assistant volleyball coach. The department lost its last full-time assistant coach in August, two weeks before the season opened, and was unable to begin the search process for a new assistant coach until this semester, according to head coach Lana Smith.

“At that point it was a little tight for trying to launch a search and try to get someone hired where it wasn’t distracting within the season,” Smith said.

Smith, who is also a part-time assistant athletic director, said that while the job position will be focused mostly on volleyball coaching and recruiting, they will have other responsibilities outside the team.

“The person might teach, they might do strength and conditioning, it might be something with event prep and promotions within the department, and might have some administrative duties,” Smith said. “We’re not sure what that person will do.”

A search committee is being formed in order to review applicants and consider possible responsibilities, Smith said. Without a full-time assistant coach, Simpson had to find part-time assistant coaches for the season to help the team during practices and travel. However, Smith didn’t have any help doing paperwork or working on recruitment like she has had in the past.

“We’re working really hard now to try to make up some ground in recruiting and being able to get more players,” Smith said.

The athletic department is looking for someone with a lot of volleyball experience, who will act as a role model to student athletes, is organized and has people skills that will help with recruitment for the team.

“[We want] someone that encourages the Simpson experience for sure,” Smith said.

The students on the volleyball team have their own checklist as well.

“Someone with a fun and outgoing personality, a lot of experience with volleyball, communicates well, and has a great volleyball IQ,” said Steph Keller, junior and outside hitter on the team.

Prospective coaches should know that Simpson has had an excellent winning tradition in the past, Smith said, and that the athletes will be involved in many other organizations on campus, such as student government and Greek life.

“I think that’s why you choose a school like Simpson, to be involved,” Smith said.

“We like to laugh and have fun but know when we need to be focused and ready to play,” Keller said.

Security at Simpson is looking to hire another parking enforcement specialist.

“We have had some applications already,” Director of Security Chris Frerichs said. “Our goal is to provide more scheduling flexibility.”

The position, which takes up nine months of the year, will require that applicants are physically able to patrol campus parking lots by foot and include responsibilities like assigning employee and student parking passes and ticketing vehicles violating parking regulations.

Anyone who is interested in applying for these positions can find the application at