Letter to the editor: Offense was not intended

In our previous article, we were not proclaiming that by sitting at a rectangular table you automatically become a leper.

We were simply pointing out the obvious: that the circle tables are quickly filled when lunch begins, by large groups, and the rectangles are often occupied by small groups, single-sitters or those who enter Pfeiffer at a later hour, which, coincidentally, are the international students.

We were not, by any means, attempting to dissuade others from mingling with them during mealtimes. 

We were not warning against flesh eating viruses of any kind.

We were simply making an observation about where people sit on a regular basis, and we had observed that the international students frequently sit at the two tables nearest to the cereal.

Simply an observation.

Rectangle tables make up only 10 percent of Pfeiffer seating so if anything we were trying to protect the seats for those who use them most regularly.

We, as semi, not-really, kinda-sorta, unpaid writers look for observations and generalizations that are amusing and can be made satirical. We are not being serious.

I know that I take my drinking habits (in Pfeiffer that is) very seriously, but a whole serious article devoted to cups? It doesn’t work like that. So please, we are not xenophobic, bigots or journalists. We simply want to amuse and have fun with something on campus that we all share.

We truly believe that despite all our differences, Pfeiffer unites us all.