Reasons why you should sit with the international students

by Gaston Akerman

Now that you know how to find cutlery and cups, it’s time to become social with the international students.

We don’t want you to eat in the bathroom much less eat alone at a rectangular table.

Few people know such tables are the only ones left when we arrive (because we tend to eat a little bit later than the natives), so the precious round tables are all taken by then.

We don’t love these tables, but we don’t complain either.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re obviously not a foreign student. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be leaving Pfeiffer because it took you five minutes to swallow your pizza and fries.

We’re a bit different than that; we like to take a good hour to socialize, laugh and enjoy the food. So, how about we avoid unconscious, xenophobic attitudes and decide to join us for lunch or dinner one day?

Even the following U.S. students gave their opinion:

“It’s awesome because everyone is different and unique,” senior Molly Burkemper said. “People are from all over the world, but we come together and share a meal.”

“It was a captivating and enlightening experience to listen and hear international students’ voices and thoughts,” senior Kirk Ford said. “I’ve never felt more welcomed than by these individuals.”

Sophomore Lauren “Wren” Pass found love and great friendship among the international students.

“It has enriched me as a student, citizen and a person,” Pass said

Just remember that the lonely people, couples and international students are people too. We don’t bite; we might hug or kiss you maximum.