15 year project brought to life

by Katie Buchholz

“It was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment; a tremendous need in the community was fulfilled,” said John Sirianni, the lead person on city council, about the new YMCA just north of town.
The city, the schools and the college are the three entities that look towards the future of Indianola. Lacking a recreation center, Indianola was able to build a $15 million dollar facility for the development and growth of the community.
“I think it signifies a commitment for further development for the community,” Sirianni said. “The Y is an extremely well respected community and we are associating ourselves with the top of the line.”
Students are able to get a membership at the Y for just $15 a month. This allows access to the pool, exercise classes, basketball courts, and everything else. Along with the membership, students can use it at the Greater Y in Des Moines, not just Indianola’s.
Senior Katie Klose decided to get a membership at the YMCA so she could do yoga.
“They have classes that fit my schedule,” said Klose.
Klose also says the new Y is worth seeing.
“It’s new and shiny,” said Klose. “It’s impressive.”
The Y has a class for anyone and everyone. From spinning classes to dance, the Y is really big on community, relationships, healthy living and style.
To sign up for a membership, a student will have to pick up a letter from the Information Desk in Kent Campus Center. The student will then take the letter to the front desk at the YMCA where they will be granted a Simpson discount. Memberships expire after one year.
“They have tons of different and fun classes to take that are all free with the membership,” said Klose. “They have lots of different times to work with different schedules.”
With the new YMCA in town, students involved in the exercise science and pre-med programs are able to complete an internship and observations for their majors. 
Another great opportunity the new Y has brought to the community is the step forward for many different partnerships to happen in the future.

“The Greater Des Moines Business Bureau is wanting Simpson to hold the national championships for track and field and swimming,” said Sirianni. “NCAA National swim meet, brings all kinds of people to Indianola. It’s not a done deal, but without us being partners with the Y it couldn’t happen.”


Sirianni said the location of the YMCA is an infrastructure to hold a few more businesses. With at least another 100 acres by Summercrest Hills, the next step will be looking at developing infrastructures over there.


“It’s very important that the community continues to grow and allow the community to continue with the quality of life and the amenities that are here,” said Sirianni.