Mixed reactions of new email version

by Rachel Peterson

The new email interface for Simpson campus received a mixed reaction from students and faculty this past week.

The upgrade, from Exchange 2010 to the newer 2013 version, was not a choice made by Simpon, says Kurt Gocken, Simpson’s network technician. “It’s not anything that we kicked off. Microsoft told us we had to do it.”

The conversion took place in two phases. The first changed the servers Simpson campus utilizes. Gocken said this went smoothly. The second part upgraded to the new email interface.

Gocken said he has heard complaints about favorites and bookmarks not working after the upgrade.

Bryce Phillips is one of many students who have had trouble adjusting to the change. “It’s hard to differentiate between whether you receive a new email or if it’s a past email you have already looked at,” Phillips said.

Joel Gawarecki, a senior computer science major has enjoyed the change. “I like exploring new software. It’s fun, “Gawarecki said, “It’s pretty similar to the old one, but everything is really intuitive.”

Gawarecki likes the bigger, brighter look of the new email. He also likes that a new window does not open up to compose an email, but rather it is on the same screen.

Gawarecki concedes his major may influence his feelings about the upgrade. “Maybe computer science majors adapt to software changes easier, “he said.

Phillips is not all negative about the changes. “The screen is set up nicely. The notification sound is better, if that means anything.”

Whether students enjoy the changes or despise them, they are here to stay. Gocken recommended visiting IT Services if students have any problems or questions about the upgrade.

Like any change, it takes time get accustomed. “Give it a day or two, “ Gawarecki said, “It will grow on you.”