Business Visit Day for prospective students

by James Tillison

Prospective students were offered an opportunity to visit Simpson College during Business Visit Day.

The Department of Business Administration and Economics hosted the event to focus on gathering more information to reinforce the strong points of the college.

This is a chance for prospective students to advance their knowledge of the financial side of attending Simpson. Groups of possible students toured the college last Friday in the first Business Visit Day.

The overall purpose of hosting this visit is “helping high school and transfer students see the amazing things happening at Simpson College, so they decide to join us here next year,” said Christen Bain, an academic recruitment specialist.

The internship coordinator Bobbi Meyer said, “The day offered students the opportunity to learn about the opportunity to learn about both the academic and co-curricular sides of Simpson College in specific relation to the business department.”

Throughout the day several members of the Simpson community presented to the groups of prospective students. Meyer presented three half-hour sessions on Career Services where she shared how they support students from time of entry through graduation.

The groups were also offered a chance to talk to current students and alumni. During this, the prospective students were able to find strengthen reasons as to why to attend Simpson College.

Meyer said she believes that events like this help to attract the next class of students and share the work being done with the community. The Business Department attempted to show how supportive they will be during the college process.

The attendees of the visit were taken to lunch on campus with current faculty and students and also attended a mock class. The mock class gave the prospective students a feeling of what classes in college, or at Simpson for the transferring students, will feel like once they are in attendance.

Based on feedback, according to Bain, received Friday the Business Department concluded the students appreciated the opportunity to speak in small group with faculty, current Simpson Students and alumni.

“The students and families with whom I met seemed genuinely interested in the college and seemed to be having a good experience,” said Meyer.

Overall, it seems the first Business Visit Day went well, according to organizers.

“It is helpful for students to know about events like this are happening,” said Meyer, “they might help advertise them to their own network of high school students.”

Meyer also stressed current students can be instrumental in helping to welcome the attending students to campus and show them what a friendly place Simpson College can be.