Simpson Student Media: Who are we?


by The Simpsonian Editorial Board

The staff of The Simpsonian is not here to stand on a soapbox and fling information at whomever is close enough to listen. We are not here to spread our own agenda or skew the facts to present only one side.

The purpose of media, including student media, is to inform. Reporting factual information in a timely manner is the ultimate goal of Simpson Student Media, from The Simpsonian, ID Magazine and KSTM 88.9-The Storm.

Each of these elements of student media has their own target audience. ID Magazine’s tagline is “Not your mother’s magazine,” meaning the content and aim of the publication is intended for the student body of Simpson and the millennial generation, above all else.

The Simpsonian, however, is targeted to a much broader audience, from Simpson students and faculty to other institutions who subscribe to our paper. We even consider the one reader who views our online content from Ghana. It’s that broad.

We want our readers to understand this because we are more than an editorial staff. We are not nameless content creators bent on spreading an agenda. We have an interest in media – producing it, taking it in and possibly even working in it. We study everything from journalism to psychology, religion to French.

We are your fellow students. Because of that, we want to listen to you. If there is something you want us to cover, tell us.

We are not more inherently more in touch with campus than anyone else. We choose to dedicate our efforts to reporting the news of campus and our community.

That includes the police blotter. That includes the score of the football game. That includes reports of sexual assault. The Simpsonian does not aim to discriminate against or give preference to any aspect of news on campus. We are here to keep campus informed. If you want different information, let us know.

Welcome back to campus from Simpson Student Media.