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Letter to the Editor: In response to inaccessibility on campus
Letter to the Editor: In response to inaccessibility on campus
by Advocacy, Community, Education and Support (ACES), Special to The Simpsonian • March 1, 2024

Dear Editor, We write in response to an article published February 14, 2024, in The Simpsonian titled, “No disabled students need apply:...

Retraction and update: After Midnight review
Retraction and update: "After Midnight" review
by Maggie Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter • February 28, 2024

In my previous review of the late-night show "After Midnight", I stated that comedian Matt Walsh, who was a guest on the show, is “a prominent...

SCTV 2/28/24
by Aaron Wilkins and Sam HyingFebruary 28, 2024

Don’t hold your breath: A letter to Chicago sports fans


Justin Fields finished his near-perfect day in the pocket with a game-ending interception as the Chicago Bears took their fourth loss in four games this season. 

The Miami Marlins beat the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday, officially eliminating the Chicago Cubs from playoff contention. 

The Milwaukee Bucks recently acquired point guard Damian Lillard, officially making them the favorite for the NBA title. They will host the Chicago Bulls, a team that did almost nothing to improve this offseason, in their preseason opener next week. 

Chicago sports fans, it’s over. Despite being the third largest city in the entire country, the teams this city loves and supports prove to be lackluster time and time again. 

The Bears have officially lost 14 games in a row, with their last win dating back to Oct. 24, 2022. They went 3-14 last season and have started this season 0-4. 

For translation, the Bears have won three of their last 21 games. Despite having a strong history and a strong fan base, they fail to produce even the bare minimum. No debate. The Chicago Bears are the worst team in the NFL. So far this season, they’ve had weak quarterback play, bad play calling, bad run-and-pass defense, and terrible coaching decisions.

The Cubs declared themselves “buyers” at the end of the MLB trade deadline in August, giving hope to Cubs fans that a playoff push was coming. The original concern was that star outfielder, Cody Bellinger, would be traded to a World Series contending team. Instead, the Cubs claimed themselves to be contenders and went on to make a couple of acquisitions themselves. Even with this great effort, the Cubs missed the playoffs in the last few games of the season. Millions of dollars in revenue every single game isn’t enough for the “Lovable Losers” to kick the nickname. 

The Bulls will enter the 2023 basketball season with a lot of question marks. The only question that can be answered is that the Bulls are nowhere near the level of competition of the Eastern Conference. This season will more than likely be surrounded by a “play-in hopeful” narrative with little excitement come next summer. This team leads the entire NBA in home attendance, but the fans leave disappointed every year. 

Big-market sports cities are often debated when comparing success. Chicago is the perfect split between the East and West Coasts. There’s a high population and plenty of money to go around, so what’s the problem? The owners of these teams are refusing to fork up the money that’s required to be successful. 

The owners don’t care about the undying love of Chicago fans. As long as they continue to fill their pockets with money, they will continue to be content with the current output of their teams. 

No one is willing to go after the big free agents. No one is willing to take a financial risk in order to win. 

Chicago Cubs, Bears and Bulls fans shouldn’t hold their breaths waiting for success. It’s not coming anytime soon. The Windy City is currently in shambles, and it may get worse before it ever gets better. This is heartbreaking for a beautiful city with the greatest fans. 

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