How to start a club


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Student Government is sitting on the money to get your club going and all you need to do is follow the appropriate steps.

by Will Kopp, Staff Reporter

Clubs on campus are easy to start and even easier to join. The Student Government Association provides funding for clubs and organizations.

The Student Government Association (SGA) overlooks and monitors all the clubs that are supported by the college. Clubs and organizations need to assemble a team to be on a board of executive members. These members will be put onto a spreadsheet and listed with their positions within the club.

Next, the club or organization would put together a constitution that they will abide by. The constitution lays out ground rules and gives structure to new clubs and organizations.

All clubs and organizations need faculty representation. Before turning in your application, you will need to find an advisor that will vouch for the club. It does have to be an advisor at Simpson College; if that professor or advisor is interested or passionate about the club that’s a bonus. 

After you find an advisor, the hard work will be done and you can finally start promoting your organization. In order to receive funding from SGA, budget requests are to be made and looked over and are then voted on by the panel. Once passed, the club will be allowed to spend the SGA budget money on merchandise, food or even special guests to spice up their club or organization.

Junior Class President Treye Teske explains, “Any student can start a club.”

SGA will try to provide funds and faculty for each club as long as the requests are approved. 

“You will get an email from me saying that we want to meet with you depending on what your budget is,” Teske said.

To clarify, the SGA budget isn’t up for grabs for any student that can make a club. All funding is voted on depending on the cost, and following SGA guidelines, they are allowed to dismiss budget requests.

According to Simpson College, 84% of students on campus are involved in clubs or organizations on campus.  

SGA encourages student involvement by investing in the clubs and organizations around campus. Without the help of SGA, many clubs and organizations would be left to do their own fundraisers. 

There are over 50 different clubs and organizations on campus, and many of them have utilized the budget that SGA provides them with. SGA serves as a great tool to build up clubs or organizations and support them. In order to get funding for a club or organization after it’s created, budget requests are made. Clubs and organizations can gather funds by budgeting for whatever their club may need on an Excel spreadsheet or any kind of budgeting format. 

Clubs on campus are seeing more and more growth since COVID-19. Students are taking initiative and sharing their passions with others. 

If you have an idea for a club, reach out to Teske at [email protected] or Associate Dean of Students Rich Ramos at [email protected]