What happened to Corey?


Submitted to the Simpsonian

Corey Landstrom, courtesy of Simpson’s website.

by Kyle Werner, Feature Editor

The new year usually comes with new beginnings. The term “new year, new me” exists for a reason. Simpson decided to take that concept literally and fired Corey Landstrom, the now-former executive director of the center for academic resources (CARs) according to anonymous staff and faculty.  

Landstrom had been with the college since 2021, so his time here was quite short. 

To my knowledge, none of the students employed by CARs have been briefed on what has occurred. At our last CARs meeting, the issue was not discussed or alluded to,” a tutor that wishes to stay anonymous said. “It is surprising that Corey left without any farewell message for us.” 

Typically, someone is not fired from a high position in the middle of the year, or in an academic context, at the beginning of the semester. It can only be assumed that there is a search for a new director for the position. This leaves a gap for other staff to fill while the position is assumed to be filled.

In an email sent to staff and faculty, it was acknowledged that Landstrom would no longer be working with the college. It also said that Mark Pleiss would now be the interim director of the program.

I’m excited about the opportunity to support the team at the Center for Academic Resources,” Pleiss said.

The tutors in CARs were told that Colin Payton, the director of the writing center, will now also supervise peer consultants. “There hasn’t been any information about why Corey Landstrom is no longer with the college, but currently, Colin Payton is acting as the main point of contact for all CARS tutors, peer academic coaches, and writing consultants, ” Kacie Cowman, a peer academic leader with CARs said.

There have not yet been any public statements on the elimination of Landstrom from his position.