Be a leader


by Noah Harkness, Staff Reporter

The Simpson leadership fair provides students with an opportunity to pursue leadership positions on campus. Those interested will be able to talk to students who currently hold these positions on Nov. 10 from 12-2 p.m. in Black Box.

Heather Emery-Cunningham, the associate director of Residence Life, oversees Buxton, Picken and the apartments on campus. She said anyone interested in pursuing any leadership opportunity on campus should attend the fair.

“If you have a lot of different things you’re interested in and you’re not quite sure where to start, this is what you want to come to,” Emery-Cunningham said. “It’s going to be a really simple way to come by and walk around to all of these tables talking with people about the benefits of leadership positions.”

Emery-Cunningham also noted there are many transferable life skills from these available leadership opportunities.

“It becomes a really good stepping stool to help them figure out how to manage time. It also teaches confidence-building skills as far as confronting policy violations. It can allow for a lot of creativity as well.”

There will be booths with SC leaders, chaplains, SARAs and others.

“Tayler plans to have one for her SC leaders, Mara, of course, will have one for her resident life chaplains that she’ll need to be recruiting for next year and Jenny Vargas will have one for the SARA’s,” Emery-Cunningham said.

Tayler Keitzer, the director of first-year experience and community engagement, said Student Development has been talking about student engagement on campus. “We have seen a decrease in engagement from students across the board. Whether it’s campus events, leadership positions or work-study positions.” 

Keitzer said spreading the word earlier will get students to think about leadership opportunities that are available on campus. Having the leadership fair before winter break allows students to think about taking on the responsibility of a leadership role and discuss if they are thinking about one of these positions. 

“I think it’s really valuable because the student leaders can talk about what their experience has been working with their faculty members and students,” Keitzer said. “Current students in the roles can give more of a glimpse into what life is like in that role.”

Students should expect follow-up from the director of these programs if they express interest in a position.

“Directors share more about what the process is, what the steps are. Offering to meet with students who want to talk more about it, and offering to have those students connect with a student leader,” Keitzer

More information on student leadership positions at Simpson can be found here.