Spirit Shop slaps


Triston Murdick

The new Spirit Shop was full of people on opening day and gave a jolt of energy to campus

by Triston Murdick, Staff Reporter

The grand opening of the new Spirit Shop was the highlight of Oct. 14. Kent was slammed with people showing up to get a first look at what used to be the bookstore.

Director of the Spirit Shop and alumni of Simpson College, Kyle Mcvay, said, “opening day went very well. We blew our expectations out of the water.” 

Things went so well on the first opening day that the sales ended up better than predicted, leaving them with some catching up to do. 

“People really liked the marks [new imagery and branding] they responded to them very well,” Mcvay said.

Along with a restock, the shop is also bringing in new brands like Nike, League, Columbia, and Carhartt.

There were many changes done to the store throughout the renovations. Large graphics now wrap the walls, showcasing students and their lives on campus. Mcvay said the graphics in the shop allow students to feel connected to the store because they are able to see themselves or their peers. 

The new shop does not sell physical books as it did in the past. An online option is now being implemented for students to order their books, so there is more room for the expansion of Simpson merchandise. 

According to Mcvay, it is essential to continuously update and change the shop as need be to keep the store at its best.

“The plan is to keep something new and different in the shop to keep students coming back,” he said. 

They plan to keep hot products in and any products that don’t do as well will be replaced.

Another big plan Mcvay talked about that is coming is creating a committee of faculty, staff, and students to keep the store up to trends and appeal to the desires of the shop’s customers. 

“I don’t want it to be my store. I want to hear voices from other people,” Mcvay said. “Students are the ones buying it, so they should have a say in what it looks like.”