Athlete-sponsored Halloween event for second year in a row


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Abby Cozzoni said, “Each sports team on campus will be on the turf with an activity or game.”

by Abby Ludwig, Social Media Editor

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is hosting a trick-or-treat event Sunday, Oct. 30 at Buxton Stadium from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and anyone in the Indianola community is welcome to attend.

Marty Bell, Simpson’s Athletic Director, says it’s a great opportunity for the sports’ teams at Simpson to connect with families from the Indianola community.

“The event features each of our athletic teams at a station with games that represent their respective sport and candy to give out to the participants from our campus and local community,” he said.

Bell went on to say, “Our first year was last year and it was well attended and well received by all.  Student athletes as well as participants were dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes.”

President of SAAC, Abby Cozzoni, said she helped run and plan the event this past year and will continue to do so this year.

“I’ve been helping [Marty] Bell organize the event and promoting it. I also will be responsible for making sure all of the teams have a game and all of the candy is bought with the help of the SAAC leadership team,” she said.

Cozzoni described the light-hearted event and what will happen at it.

“Each sports team on campus will be on the turf with an activity or game. The children who come will be able to go around to each sports team, play the game, and then get candy.”

She went on to say why the Simpson athletic community chose to do this event.

“One of the goals we’ve made in athletics is to try and get the Indianola community more involved with the college. We want to just interact with the community and give back to Indianola. We want Simpson College to feel like a place where anyone is welcome,” she said.