How super is Super Mario Bros? (Wii Edition)


by Sam Hying, Staff Reporter

Super Mario Bros is one of the greatest games in the Generation Z era. Released in 2009, the game is still popular amongst Wii players to this day.  

Super Mario Bros is a 1-4 player game that has nine worlds with 76 levels. In order to unlock new worlds, you must complete the drastically changing levels from the previous world.

What makes this game super is how it can get people to work together to conquer a level, a world, or even the game. The game is actually harder to complete if you are just playing by yourself.

The controls for the game are so easy to learn that virtually anyone can learn in minutes. Nowadays, you see complex controls in video games, and it takes a long time for people to learn them to be good at the game, but that is not the case for Super Mario Bros.

If you’re looking for more of a solo game, I would recommend Super Mario Galaxy, but if you love a chaotic multiplayer game, Super Mario Bros is the game for you. Every level brings a new challenge that will surely make you sit there as long as possible to complete it.

When playing with friends, the screen can stretch quite far, but you don’t want to be caught lacking outside of the screen. If you’re caught too far behind your friends, it could end up killing your character. Nintendo does a great job with the camera, allowing all four players to be on the screen.

At times you may think you’re doing well at the level, then one of your friends accidentally bounces off your head and you fall to your death. It does make it chaotic when people are pushing and bouncing off each other, but that’s what makes the game fun. Fair warning, this game can ruin relationships.

Not really, but it can be very frustrating when your friend accidentally or purposely kills you. 

Every player starts with five lives but throughout the levels there are multiple ways to earn more lives. One way includes getting 100 coins; once you get 100 coins, you get one extra life. Another way is the multiple green toad huts that pop up. In these huts, you shoot out of a cannon into balloons that say “1” or “2” (1 meaning one life, 2 meaning 2 lives). They are also so ridiculously hard to hit the balloons, so you better have good aim.

As the internet has grown you can now find cheats to either help you with a level, help you get power-ups, or anything you need help with completing the game. I would highly recommend using the internet to help you get star coins and power-ups. 

Every level has three-star coins, and most of them are hidden and literally impossible to find unless you watch a YouTube video. Also, red mushroom huts pop up on each level and inside these huts is a chance to win power-ups that you can use during the levels, but all the panels are question marks so you don’t know if it’s a power-up or Bowser. 

If you hit two Bowsers then the game is over and so are your chances at getting any more power-ups. I would recommend looking up the panels online so you can get all the possible power-ups.