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Geer, signing off
Geer, signing off
by Caleb Geer, Ad Manager/Web Editor • April 27, 2024

I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with my life when I showed up on campus in the middle of the pandemic almost four years ago. I knew...

Looking back at my time at Simpson
Looking back at my time at Simpson
by Kyle Werner, Managing Editor & Social Media Manager • April 27, 2024

It all started with soup. No, really, let me explain. I was so passionate about the soup in SubConnection as a first year that it caught the...

So long, farewell, I’ve got no more stories to tell
So long, farewell, I’ve got no more stories to tell
by Jenna Prather, Editor-in-chief • April 27, 2024

Unlike my fellow student media seniors who’ve written this before me, I came into Simpson knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I did independent...

The “Sequel” sequel: in search of student work to showcase

Paul Hyatt
“Sequel” is seeking creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art and more for the newest edition.

Simpson’s student-run literary and visual arts magazine, the Sequel, is accepting submissions for the 2023-2024 edition through Feb. 28. Faculty Advisor Jeremy Griffin is excited to continue the publication’s legacy of promoting students’ creative work. 

“I know there’s a lot of students, whether they’re regular writers or artists or it’s something they dabble in, they have a lot to say,” Griffin said. “People have stories, people have thoughts and feelings, and this gives them an outlet and a chance to try to share those ideas with the entire community.”

The magazine features a wide variety of creative categories, including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art and photography. The editorial team, which includes four students, assesses submissions and determines which to include in the publication. 

They also design the layout of the magazine and collaborate with Justin Nostrala from the Graphic Design Department to create the cover. 

“I think it’s really fun to see the students in my class take ownership of the journal; they’re really proud of the work they’re doing,” Griffin said. “They’re really capable, smart and hardworking students.” 

Griffin is incredibly passionate about the project and what it means for Simpson in terms of greater literary and creative participation and representation. 

“Literary journals have a long and storied tradition, particularly in academic environments,” Griffin said. “There’s been some absolutely wonderful writers, world-renowned writers, who started by publishing in college journals and then running college journals. We want to add to that tradition.”

Senior Katie Robey served on the “Sequel’s” editorial team her sophomore year, submitted work that was published last year, and plans to submit again this year. 

“It’s very uplifting,” Robey said, “That feeling of ‘someone wants my work published.’”

Robey has three pieces featured in the 2022-23 edition: a fiction titled “Ring for Service,” a poem, “Regret,” and a film photography piece, “In Daylight.” 

“It was like the sunlight hit just right,” Robey said of the image. “I’m really proud of it.”

“In Daylight” is part of Robey’s five-photograph collection taken at the Art Center in Des Moines, and Robey plans to submit the others for the new edition. She also has a nonfiction piece and another fiction piece in the works. 

Griffin feels the magazine is bouncing back from promotional struggles after the transition from the previous advisor.

“We are trying to utilize social media to our advantage,” Griffin said. “It does seem like the word is getting back out. We’ve already had a ton of submissions, and I’m thrilled about that.” 

He looks forward to the hidden gems that will be revealed and celebrated in the upcoming edition. 

“We want to uplift voices that might otherwise go unrecognized,” Griffin said. “The Simpson community has a lot to offer in terms of artistic talent and great ideas.” 

Griffin and Robey encourage any student interested in publishing their work or participating on staff to get involved. 

“It’s a small literary journal, but it can be very impactful,” Robey said

Submissions for the 2023-2024 edition of the “Sequel” are due Feb. 28 and can be turned in by emailing [email protected] or dropping off a physical copy to Jeremy Griffin’s office mailbox, Mary Berry 214.

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