Football uses spring season to improve for next season


Morgan Flynn

Storm football team is back in action this spring.

by Cassie Nash, Staff Reporter

The Storm football team is back in action this spring. They are allowed 16 practices, which take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lifting and conditioning take place in the morning on those same days. On Friday, the team goes running.

Practices started March 21, with the last practice scheduled for April 14. Not all practices are as they would be in the fall. Helmets are allowed for all 16 practices and shoulder pads for four of them. This allows them to get technical work in, which Head Coach Matt Jeter believes is good for the team.

“We are able to get some really good work, technique-wise and fundamental-wise in our position groups, which has been huge for us,” he said.

Jeter says the spring season practice allows the team to figure out who they are while getting better.

“The goal of [the] spring season for me is to really get our identity and our culture established, and develop the kids over the four to six weeks,” he said.

Junior Reed Worth, who is a wide receiver, believes the goal is to improve as a team, as well as individually.

“It’s a great time to work on the little details that we can’t really do during the season,” Worth said. “A great opportunity for guys to show what they can do and give them a shot to prove themselves.”

Freshman quarterback J Jensen enjoys the time he gets to spend with his teammates during this time.

“My favorite part is going out there with my guys and running at five in the morning and competition in practice,” Jensen said. “Just spending time with my teammates really keeps me going and time flies by when we are having fun.”

Overall, Jensen said he believes the spring season is going well.

“Having to wake up at 4:30 a.m. some days for team runs doesn’t sound like it’s fun, but at the end of the day, it is making us better,” Jensen said.

With COVID-19 impacting past seasons, this is the first spring season for 95% of the team, according to Jeter. 

Having them finally be able to go through it with practices and the conditioning program excites him.

“Just being able to connect with the kids on a daily basis is my favorite part,” Jeter said.

Worth’s favorite part of the spring season is being with his teammates while playing the sport they love, but he also finds enjoyment in all of the hard work.

“I’ve actually enjoyed the running and lifting, actually training like athletes and improving ourselves athletically to help us on the field,” Worth said.

Though they enjoy most of the spring season, they seem to be in agreement about wanting to add a spring season game.

“I feel like if we did, it could be a huge event that the athletic department can benefit from,” Jensen said. “Students tailgate, have fun and, most importantly, show support for the football team.”

Jeter says he’s looking forward to getting the team out there in the fall season.

“The guys that want to be here and are hungry – getting them out there and competing at a high level,” Jeter said.

The hope is that all the hard work being put in now will lead to their success going into the fall.

“We still have a lot of work to do but we have made a lot of strides from where we used to be,” Worth said. “I’m excited for next season to come and go through the [ups] and downs with my brothers.”