TRIO seeks new advisor


Paige O'Connor

TRIO offers Student Support Services (SSS) to low-income students, first-generation college students, and disabled students enrolled in post-secondary education programs.

by Shelby McCasland, Staff Writer

TRIO Student Support Services are seeking a new advisor. 

The federally funded program is designed to provide academic support to underprivileged populations: first-generation, low-income and disabled students. It is among the many departments at Simpson looking to fill positions. The group joins other departments such as counseling services in the hunt for help.  The college is feeling the shortage of workers that is echoing across the United States.

A search committee comprised of collaborative college partners worked together to review applicants and collectively decide who the best fit will be for the program. Originally the hope was to have a new advisor in place at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Junior Sadie Green said she is looking forward to the program taking the time to find the right fit. This is a position that requires a unique set of skills.  

A good advisor not only helps with academic scheduling and planning but is also someone you can use as a resource when struggling with time management and on and off-campus activities,” Green said.

TRIO is on their second round of applicants after an unsuccessful first posting. 

“We did have fewer applicants, like others, and the first round of interviews did not result in a hire,” Stephanie Neve, Director of the Student Support Services Program, said. 

After the first round of applicants, the search committee decided to re-access the job qualifications and a revised job posting was sent out.

While the program is not in as dire need as other departments, it has been difficult being short-handed. The team has been working diligently to meet student needs. The program has adjusted the workload to prioritize students and put other tasks on hold. 

“I am grateful to have an incredible team who is very dedicated to our work and our students, but it has been challenging,” Neve said. 

With the addition of the new advisor, a full staff will allow the work balance to go back to normal. 

Kyle Werner, a first-year student, is in TRIO and has been affected by the shortage. 

“I definitely think there have been some impacts on the program with the lack of staff.  Other advisors are just way overloaded, and they were already overloaded to begin with,” Werner said.

The revised job posting has resulted in a more successful round of interviews. 

“The search has unofficially concluded, and I hope to make an announcement soon,” Neve said.  

With good news on the horizon, the TRIO program hopes to have a new advisor in place by March 14. 

“TRIO is important because our students from a myriad of backgrounds should have access to the liberal arts education that we receive at Simpson. An adequate manner that makes sense for them on an individualized basis. Education is important and needs to be accessible,” Werner said.