Residence Life creates a new team lead community advisor for Greek life


Sophie Reese

The newly elected presidents are settling into their roles and learning as they go, but they are also overseeing the other position holders, spring recruitment and engaging more with campus.

by Sophie Reese, Video Editor

With four team leads already located in Barker Residence Hall, Kresge Residence Hall, Buxton, Picken and Station Square, Residence Life has proposed the idea of having a team lead position in charge of the Greek housing community.

This team lead will be responsible for Simpson-owned Greek life houses. This includes Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Theta Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG). 

Pi Beta Phi and Delta Delta Delta are not owned by Simpson, so they do not have CAs and will not need a team lead.

The main idea behind creating a team lead position for the Greek community is having a point of contact who is in charge of helping out all of the Greek life Community Advisors (CA).

“We thought, ‘Would it be possible to create a team leader?’ And so, to do that, we’re not adding up positions. We’re actually promoting one of the CA positions into the team lead position,” Director of Residence Life Matt Hansen said.

The new team lead will already have at least a year of experience being a CA in the Greek community.

“To be a team lead, one has to have residence life experience or CA experience, so they’re always going to be someone who’s returning to staff,” Hansen explained.

Hansen explained that the stipend needed to be raised from $3,500, what a Greek CA earns, to $6,100, a team lead’s earning. After finding the additional $2,600 in the budget, permission was given to create the new position. 

Associate Director of Residence Life Heather Emery-Cunningham said this new position helps offer leadership and support for the Greek community, as well as the student staff that is there.

“They’re going to really be able to help those new CAs that are typically pulled from the Greek communities to help them better manage and understand what the role is because it can be a little overwhelming for a lot of folks initially,” Cunningham said. 

According to the Simpson College website, a Greek life CA staff member lives in one of the five college-owned Greek chapters, of which they are typically members. 

CAs take part in the day-to-day activities of hall life and plan educational and social programs for their floor and the entire hall while a CA team lead takes on a slightly different role.

According to the website, team leads directly assist the Assistant Directors of their area with staff and events. Typically juniors and seniors, they are available to assist students with questions and concerns about housing, maintenance requests and other general information.

“I think it’ll really help even the CAs get a better group dynamic knowing that someone is there to kind of lead them through any type of processes that need to be done,” KKG CA Michelle Pritchard-Hall said.