Sodexo offers new meal plan option


Amelia Schafer

The new meal plan allows for seven swipes per week in Kent Campus Center and 12 in the Pfeiffer dining hall.

by Jordyn Wilson, News Editor

A 19 meal-per-week plan is now being offered to Simpson students through Sodexo Food Services.

This new option allows students access to every meal period served in Pfieffer Dining Hall, resulting in up to three meals per weekday, two on Saturday and two on Sunday the entire semester.

Students can also use this plan for up to seven “swipes” per week in Kent. The remaining 12 meals would need to be used in Pfeiffer Hall. 

In addition, $25 in flex money will be included in this meal plan. Students are able to add more flex dollars to their accounts by contacting [email protected].

While this option offers over 230 meals a semester, students can expect to see a price increase. The cost of the new meal plan is $2,702 a semester. A full meal plan for the year, excluding May Term meals costs $4,974, coming out to $2,487 a semester.

Many students, including Senior Korie Torres, have decided against changing their current meal plans.

“Although the food options have improved over my time here at Simpson, I would rather not pay more to eat the same food if there will not be any improvement in options or flavor,” says Torres. “I also tend to have classes or activities during the hours in which the dining hall is open, which is unfortunate.”

Despite her decision, Torres believes this plan can be beneficial for other students.

“I think the meal plan is great for first years and second years who do not have access to their own kitchens and do plan to eat three meals a day on campus,” she says. 

Many students also stated they would consider changing meal plans if Sodexo offered more vegan and gluten-free options in a questionnaire posted to Instagram. With a higher price, they hope to see more accommodating options. 

Students can switch to this new meal plan within the first four weeks of the semester, until Friday, Sept. 27, by emailing [email protected]