Simpson’s Speech and Debate team wins nationals for a fourth time


Submitted to The Simpsonian

Simpson’s 2019 Speech and Debate Team gathered for a team picture with their national tournament trophies.

by Alyssa Craven, Editor-in-Chief

Simpson College’s Debate team took first place at the Pi Kappa Delta National Debate Team Sweepstakes Championship over the weekend.

The team has previously won Nationals in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Simpson College Speech and Debate placed third at nationals in combined team points.

Nationals were set to take place in Texas, but due to COVID-19, the team competed in the tournament via Yaatly, an online tournament platform.

The tournament took place from March 18 through March 21. Thirty-eight Simpson students competed in four debate events and 14 speech events competing against 79 other colleges and universities.

According to Spencer Waugh,  director of Simpson’s speech, debate and mock trial program, the following students were recognized at the event:

IPDA Quarterfinalist: Michael Roets IPDA Quarterfinalist

Parli Octofinalists: Sam Samuel Porter and Triniti Krauss

Parli Octofinalist: Malcolm Smart and Scott Krueger

Public Forum Quarterfinalist: Allie Tubbs  and Adam Krell

Public Forum Semifinalist: Drake Wood and Pascasie Redhage-Mushatsi

Public Forum National Runner-Up: Casey Spring and Danielle Blake

Public Forum Novice: Maximo Diaz and Will Keck

Public Forum JV-National Co-Champions: Dylan Lorraine, Monserrat Saucedo, Alyssa Beckwith and Kylie Banouvong

Public Forum 10th  Speaker: Drake Wood

Public Forum 5th Speaker: Casey Spring

Public Forum 4th  Speaker: Danielle Blake

Lincoln Douglas  5th Speaker: Flory

Lincoln Douglas 4th Speaker: Trenity Rosenberg 

Lincoln Douglas 3rd Speaker:  Scout Peery 

Parliamentary Debate 2nd Speaker: Trinity Krauss

Individual Sweepstakes:  8th Place Mo Marks

LD Semifinalist: Flory

LD Octofinalist: Douglas Roberts

LD Quarterfinalist: Scout Peery

LD JV National Champion: Trenity Rosenberg

Extemporaneous Finalist, 4th: Mo Marks

Extemp Commentary Finalist, 6th Place: Mo Marks

Extemp Commentary 2nd Place: Elise Sturgeon

After Dinner Speaking Quarterfinalist: Elise Sturgeon ADS

After Dinner Speaking Quarterfinalist: Kylie Doupnik ADS

Dramatic Interpretation Quarterfinalist: Kylie Doupnik DI

Persuasion Semifinalist: Mo Marks

Excellence Awards:

Allie Tubbs: Interviewing

Melanie Gillet: Interviewing

Kylie Doupnik: Interviewing

Faithyna Leonard: Interviewing

Elise Sturgeon: Interviewing

Monserrat Saucedo: Interviewing

Danielle Blake: Interviewing