Simpson College announces director of its new esports program

Simpson College announces director of its new esports program

by Alyssa Craven, Editor-in-Chief

Simpson College announced in an email this morning that Hubert Whan Tong will be the director of its new esports program.

“It was clear when Hubert interviewed with the committee that he was the right candidate for this position,” said Heidi Levine, vice president for Student Development and Planning. “He spoke about student development, collaboration, learning sportsmanship and creating an inclusive environment. He mentioned winning and losing only in the context of whether or not the students themselves were transformed holistically by their experiences with one another, not in gameplay.”

Tong went to school at DeSales University getting his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. While at DeSales he played on the esports team and graduated in 2020.

In August Tong was head coach and assistant program director for esports at DeSales University before becoming head coach and program director of esports at Illinois College in Nov. 2020.

“Gaming is a great way to be a part of a team even if you are not close to one another,” said Tong. “It is a way for those who may not be the most extroverted in social situations to learn how to interact, become comfortable and express themselves in new ways. It opens many new pathways for students, faculty and staff to engage and share.”

Tong is eager to start working at Simpson College.

“There is nothing like eSports to energize and liven a campus,” he said. “I have seen it happen and cannot wait to see it again at Simpson. We will bring the Storm.”