SGA places feminine hygiene dispensers around campus


Simpsonian file photo

Feminine hygiene products will be more readily available around campus for students.

by Sophie Reese, Staff Reporter

Simpson’s Student Government Association has been working to provide free feminine hygiene products for students across campus.

This will make hygiene products are easily available for any student who may need them.

This project may also progress into touchless sensor dispensers or push-button dispensers, but as of now, they will be in bowls placed in different spots around campus. Wherever SGA finds was the most trafficked area with the most use out of the hygiene dispensers will be where the touchless dispenser or push-button dispensers are placed.

Sophomore class president of SGA, Frank Cruz, has been working on this project recently. “We’re going to start off with bowls just to at least have it available now,” Cruz said.

SGA is hoping to have these hygiene dispensers available to students within the next couple of weeks.

The places that students will be able to find these hygiene dispensers will be in the Kent Campus center on the first floor and the second and other faculty buildings such as Wallace and Mary Berry.

The hygiene dispensers will be small at first and then get bigger over time. Cruz said they would be, “starting off low and from there gradually increase throughout time.”

The hygiene dispensers are not new to campus as it has been tried in the past but ultimately ended. Cruz states why they are starting it back up.

“It’s just a generally use that a lot of people would appreciate especially if they have a class or something and a situation happens,”  Cruz said.

Cruz also says why it is an important project and can be very helpful for the students at Simpson. “It’s very important, and a situation that could happen could actually help someone that again has class and can’t go to their dorm room,” Cruz said.

Sophomore, Elementary Education major, Meggie Rockwood expresses her feelings about the hygiene dispensers. “I think they’re smart and useful, especially as college students one thing that comes up is that we pay for so many things.” Rockwood expressed.

“Anything that I don’t have to pay for is like a win in my book,” Rockwood admitted.

These hygiene dispensers can be a huge help, not just to students who live on campus. But also for students who commute every day. Rockwood is also a commuter student who drives to and from campus every day.

As a commuter student, a quick walk to a dorm room in a situation or emergency is not an option. “It’s not like I can walk 10 minutes back to my dorm room. It’s like a 25-minute drive,” Rockwood stated.

Rockwood also expressed how these hygiene dispensers made her feel about SGA. 

“It’s always nice to feel like someone is like looking out for your needs,” Rockwood said.