Racist and anti-Semitic texts sent to Assistant Director of Admissions

Simpsonian file photo

Simpsonian file photo

by Alyssa Craven, Editor-in-Chief

At 12:33 p.m. today Simpson College President, Marsha Kelliher, send out an email stating that Emili Radke, Assistant Director of Admissions, had received two texts from an unknown source through one of Simpson’s automated communication channels that were racist and anti-Semitic.

“These acts of racism are egregious and unacceptable,” Kelliher said. “Technology and the anonymity it often provides has become a mighty weapon for cowards. It also highlights our vulnerability to cyber threats regardless of the protections and protocols we put in place.”

As of now, it is unknown who sent the text messages.

“We are doing everything possible to find out who was behind this and take the appropriate actions available to us to hold the individual(s) accountable,” Kelliher said. “This is not what Simpson stands for and we will not tolerate these acts against anyone within our community.“

In Kelliher’s email, she acknowledges this is not the first time hate speech has occurred on Simpson’s campus.

“As I think about this incident among others that have happened during my short time at Simpson,” said Kelliher. “It is important for us to uplift people of color on-campus — students, faculty and staff — show them our support and take responsibility for educating ourselves. The differences between us should strengthen our community and challenge our own assumptions, values and biases as this is an institution of higher learning.”