Students prepare for extended break

As of Nov. 15, the website shares these updated statewide COVID-19 positive cases in each county.

by Natalie Tryon, Staff Reporter

Many Simpson students can not wait to return home and take a much-needed break. However, students are also worried about making the trip back home as COVID-19 cases have reached an all-time high and continue to increase rapidly. 

Simpson College students prepare to head home for an extended break, which begins on Nov. 25. Students will return to their classes the Monday after the short Thanksgiving break virtually until Dec. 5, when the long winter break officially begins. In-person spring classes will resume on Jan. 19, 2021. 

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), Iowa hospitals have seen a record number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19. As of Nov. 14, there were over 1,200 documented patients in Iowa hospitals with confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

Sophomore Jessica Pierce plans to prepare for the transition back home by taking coronavirus precautions seriously in order to keep her family and loved ones as safe as possible.

“I will be quarantined for two weeks in my room at home by isolating myself, and I am going to get tested before I head home,” Pierce said.

Cam While, a first-year elementary education major, also plans to take action in doing his part to lessen the spread.

“I have just recently gotten over being COVID-19 positive, so for the remainder of the semester, I’m going to be extra cautious,” While said.

Although students have the opportunity to go home on Nov. 25, some students will remain on campus. Specific housing options are open for residential students who would like to stay on campus over break.

Luke Behaunek, Director of Residence Life and Dean of Students issued an important announcement via email to students on Nov. 14. 

“Due to the conditions around the state and nation, we recognize that you may want to self-quarantine here on campus before heading away for break. We would like to extend you the opportunity to stay free of charge — even in buildings that close for the break — until Wednesday, Dec. 9,” Behaunek said.

This opportunity to stay on campus without an additional charge allows students to quarantine for two weeks before heading home without having to worry about an additional expense for housing.