SGA gets a new look


Graphic by Colbee Cunningham

by Colbee Cunningham, Staff Reporter

In an effort to rebrand itself, the Simpson College Student Government Association (SGA) has decided to seek out a new logo. 

This has been a work in progress for many years but never received enough attention to complete it,” sophomore class president Chase Henry said. “My committee [Campus Connection] and I have started the process and will have a new logo soon.”

The organization’s current logo, which bears Simpson’s signature maple leaves, was designed in 2010. SGA members cited the logo’s old age and its incompatibility with modern technology as driving factors behind their decision to pursue a more modern logo.

Having been introduced nearly a decade ago, the current logo was created in an obsolete, low-resolution format. Because of this, it is challenging to print the logo or use it for commercial purposes.

SGA members hope that by pursuing a new high-definition logo, they will no longer be limited in their opportunities to market their organization. Likewise, they hope that the new design will be more representative of SGA’s current mission. 

As the representative organization of the student body, SGA found it only fitting to have its new logo be designed by a Simpson College student. From Oct. 26 to Oct. 30, SGA encouraged students to submit possible designs and offered a $250 prize for the best submission. 

After the preliminary round, the top four designs were chosen to be looked at in more depth and critiqued by members of SGA. The creators of these designs will be provided with feedback after SGA’s meeting on Nov. 11.

“We wanted the students of Simpson College to have an opportunity to get experience and credit for this design,” Henry added. “Opening this competition up to all students was important to us simply because the students of Simpson College are extremely important and are the reason Simpson has continued to succeed.”

If everything goes according to plan, the new logo will be revealed in the coming weeks.