SGA receives information on BSU Zoom bombing suspect(s)


by Amelia Schafer, News Editor

Simpson Student Government Association’s weekly meeting bore an essential update on Sept. 2 BSU Zoom bombing situation. 

Simpson College President Marsha Kelliher emailed SGA president Elliott Meyer an update on the situation, which Meyer read aloud during the Wednesday, Sept. 23 meeting. 

“We just received another update from the Zoom situation,” Kelliher said in the email to Meyer. “Zoom moved the case to its trust and safety team for a review, and a search warrant was executed. Based on the information from the search warrant, the Simpson College IT department has been able to verify the IP addresses and MAC addresses used by the individual(s) who perpetrated the racist act during the BSU meeting.”

According to Kelliher, the perpetrator is not believed to be associated with any faculty, staff or students at Simpson College. 

“Via public information, they were also able to determine one of the IP addresses is associated with Comcast cable out of Saint Paul, MN and the other is associated with a company near Wichita, KS,” Kelliher said in the email. “It is our understanding that additional search warrants are being executed for information from Google and Comcast to identify the individuals associated with the email addresses and IP information. Both local and federal law enforcement agencies are involved in the situation.” 

Junior senator Pascasie Redhage expressed her feelings about the situation. 

“I was concerned that because they do not think it’s a Simpson student that like nothing would be able to be done about it, but authorities actually feel like they have more than enough evidence to charge an individual with a hate crime, when and if we find that individual,” Redhage commented. 

There is no information on whether or not a virtual private network (VPN) was used by the perpetrator. 

The Simpsonian reached out to the Indianola police dept. which stated they had nothing to comment on the situation. 

The FBI was also reached out to by the Simpsonian and has yet to respond.