Seniors share their thoughts on final semester


Photo courtesy of Zoe Seiler.

by Jessica Wood, Staff reporter

Simpson College students are all experiencing some great changes, but seniors are missing out on some of their last college experiences. 

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Simpson College has closed campus and moved to online classes. This means that events and activities seniors have been looking forward to have been cancelled or postponed. 

It is pretty disappointing to be a senior right now,” senior Levi Lefebure said. “I understand that these are necessary measures, but it is still unfortunate. I would say I am coping pretty well. The bright side of this all has been getting more time to spend with family.”

Although Lefebure is looking at the bright side, there are still things that he is upset that he is missing out on. 

“The experiences I am most upset about are, first and foremost, the abrupt ending of my final track season. I have competed in both track and cross-country since seventh-grade and to have it end so abruptly is disappointing,” Lefebure said.

Madi Bennett, a senior softball player, is also disappointed that her season was cancelled. She was looking forward to her final season on the diamond.

“It is tough,” Bennett said. “I am constantly wishing I was at the softball field playing with my girls. It was truly going to be a special team. The best way to describe how I’m feeling is just absolutely heartbroken.”

Many seniors won’t be able to gather again and celebrate making it through college. These events are 100 Days of Senior events and commencement. 

On March 31,, the President’s office informed the Simpson Community about graduation. They have decided to postpone the ceremony. The date that it will be held on is still unknown. However, Simpson hopes to announce a date by the end of April. 

“That seems like the most sensible path to take to me. I understand this will mean some peers will likely not be able to come back for their graduation, which is disappointing, but I do not think the administration could have handled it any differently,” Lefebure said.

Although there is a large amount of disappointment and sadness from seniors about different events and graduation, many of them are understanding and think that Simpson is doing the best that they can. 

For those students who are struggling, not just seniors, a reminder that Simpson’s counseling services have moved online and you can schedule an appointment to talk to them. Heidi Levine, the Vice President of Student Development and Planning, has started “Coffee Talks” for those who need to talk to someone.