International Week at Simpson


Photo submitted by Walter Lain

by Ruairi Forester, Staff Reporter

International Week allows students to experience different cultures right on campus.

International Week took place from Nov. 18 to Nov. 22. The event was organized by Walter Lain’s department, the UGAs and Jay Wilkinson. 

President of the International Student Organization, ISO, Franco Caramelino said, “The purpose of the celebration was to create awareness on campus about cultures of the world. It also gave a space for international students to celebrate their customs and share it with their fellows at Simpson.”

ISO, MSA, and LU collaborated and helped carry out the events. Their goal is to spread knowledge and create awareness about international matters.

“International Education Week is always for everybody,” Franco said. “ISO, as well as other diversity clubs on campus, are very inclusive organizations so it makes us very happy when new faces join us or collaborate with us.”

The week kicked off with international food tasting in Kent. Coffee and tea tasting later that night in Holy Grounds, to give Simpson Students an opportunity to taste food from across the world.

Nov. 19 was the screening of the film “Cats” and an ISO information table in Kent. 

On Nov. 20 in the Great Hall there was a taco bar and salsa dancing with the opportunity to win prizes.

In Hubbell Hall, on Nov. 21 there was the Thanksgiving Dinner organized by Multicultural and International Affairs.

Finally, on Nov. 22 there was the Northern Ireland Semester exchange meeting, where students were able to learn more about the culture and student life there, as well as information about the application process.

“I think that when it comes to small towns, no matter where in the world, it is always enriching and interesting to share with our folks about our countries,” Franco said. “I believe these events are important to build a peaceful and respectful community while learning from each other.”  

Although Franco did say he was disappointed by the lack of international students on the Simpson Campus.

“Unfortunately, there are not many international students at Simpson College. Each year the number changes according to the amount of people that can come, either as full-time international student or Teaching Assistants.”