Simpson College Democrats and Republicans respond to impeachment inquiry


by Evan Burley, Staff Reporter

Members of Simpson College Democrats and Simpson College Republicans both responded to impeachment inquiry proceedings of President Donald Trump.

Junior, Zane Black, is a member of the Simpson College Republicans. According to him, Simpson College Republicans view the impeachment inquiry as an opportunity to open discussion within the organization, including its impact on the Republican Party and the upcoming presidential elections.

“The impeachment has been discussed within our organization and we all are on the same page for the most part,” Black said. “Of course, we will see future events related to the impeachment, mainly because the Democrats haven’t even voted on impeachment proceedings. As long as the impeachment discussion continues, we will see future events in relation to the inquiry.”

According to Black, Simpson College Republicans acknowledge President Trump’s actions as inappropriate, however, they also say those actions are not criminal.

“The Bidens have conducted numerous shady business transactions for far too long,” Black said. “We all know that President Trump doesn’t stray away from calling people out when it comes to [the Biden family] wrongdoing as well. He asked to investigate their behavior, and there isn’t anything illegal about the actions he has taken.” 

Black went on to say “high crimes and misdemeanors” are the standard for initiating an impeachment inquiry. Citing the Watergate scandal, and President Nixon’s subsequent resignation; Black noted the evidence which was used against Nixon and the lack thereof in President Trump’s case. 

“In this case with Trump there isn’t really anything but stretched accusations,” Black said. “This is a democracy, and the Democratic Party is better off just ending the impeachment talk and wait to see how the American people vote in the 2020 election.”

Sophomore Tabitha Doherty is an executive member of Simpson College Democrats. According to her, the impeachment inquiry could impact the organization, but it is equally possible it will not.

“While it has not yet lead to a large impact,” Doherty said, “we cannot know what is to come further into the future. We would be a resource to the campus in assisting with understanding the process itself. The results of an impeachment inquiry would impact all students.”

According to Doherty, Democrats might support an impeachment inquiry, “based on values and opinions.” Doherty, on the other hand, finds herself conflicted about the inquiry.

“While I do support it,” Doherty said, “I feel that there are negatives and positives surrounding the idea of [impeaching] the current president. I feel that with the [impeachment] process there should be informed understandings of what the inquiry would or could lead to for the people, and if it is of the best decision.”

Doherty went on to cite the mission of Simpson College Democrats, which according to her, is to provide a space for students to explore their political interests. She noted the organization’s democratic affiliation, but she stressed there is an emphasis on students supporting whoever they want to support. 

“With this current presidential candidacy,” Doherty said, “We do not sponsor or support any specific candidate. We acknowledge that all students can feel their own way about specific candidates within the democratic party, we just have an open space or place for students to be comfortable talking about their opinions.”