New menu changes hit Simpson campus


by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association shared the new food changes coming to Simpson’s dining options in their meeting on Sept. 25.

Tyler’s Grille menu will now be changing every three weeks based on a new theme. The main staple foods will still be there amongst the changing menus. 

They will also try to add healthier options as well as more grab and go options. Students have expressed there are very limited grab and go options around campus. 

Elliott Meyer is currently the dual role of student body vice president as well as the junior class president. He also serves on the Food Committee. 

“Lunchables are going really well over at Tyler’s. So that will let them know that that is a popular item so they will continue putting it out. If you like something, that is how they gage people in buying certain items,” Meyer said. 

According to Meyer, the reason for the changing menus every month is to try to give students a variety instead of what they’ve had in the past. The staff wants to give students something other than a dull menu.

“Everybody noticed that the quesadillas are gone. I just wanted to let everyone know that Julia Crady is completely aware of this,” Meyer said. 

The F’Real machine is now back up and running in Tyler’s. They had to wait for a part to come in so they could fix it.

“Tyler’s is looking to expand their appliances in an effort to allow students the availability of healthier items,” Meyer stated. “It is hard to do much with just a flat top and a fryer. “ 

Both of the juice machines in Pfeiffer will now be operational. You will be able to get juice as well as non-carbonated drinks at Pfeiffer. 

Recently the Coke machine has been out of CO2 so they could not produce drinks students wanted. The canisters have now been refilled. 

Along with all of the changes, there will be a new chef at Pfeiffer, Matthew Miller. He has worked at other colleges and has worked with various campus dining services for 25 years. 

“I want to make sure we are putting out high quality food,“ Miller said. “The main focus right now is training the staff and making sure food is not cooked too far ahead.” 

Pfeiffer uses an app called the Bite app to post their menu for the day so students can check out what they are making before they go eat. The Bite app should be working again soon. Due to the new head chef it hasn’t been up to date with all of the changes. 

Au Bon Pain is now opening at 8:45 every morning. Students haven’t had many options besides Pfeiffer for breakfast, which is not a very quick option when you want to grab food to take to class. 

The SGA has designated a group for the food services around campus called the Food Committee. They help SGA better understand what the students would like to see for food options and how to fix food related issues.

The Food Committee is always looking to add new people to their team. They want to hear from everyone they can in order to better the food options on campus.

If you have any suggestions or are interested in being on the SGA Food Committee, please contact Elliott Meyer at [email protected].