Multimedia Communications Announces New Major


by Rosa Gude, Special to The Simpsonian

Starting next semester, a new major will be on campus— marketing communications.

Multimedia Communications Department Chair Brian Steffen says the new major will encompass critical skills students need for a communications career in the 21st Century.

“We’ve come up with a major that is at the forefront of what’s going on in digital marketing, data analytics and mobile and social media,” Steffen said.

The new major’s curriculum includes courses in management, communications, economics and marketing.

Here’s the full list of required courses :

Magt 131: Management Concepts

Comm 211: Media and Public Relations Writing

Comm 223: Principles of Public Relations

Econ 250: Introduction to Business Analytics

Mktg 234: Marketing

Mktg 341: Digital Marketing Strategies

Skills Elective: Comm 221, 311 or 315 OR Magt 336 or 338

Concept Elective: Comm 275, 301 or 351

Practicum: 4 credits of Comm 155, 255 or 256

Comm 319: Internship

Comm 365: Marketing Communication Seminar

Steffen said the curriculum comes from ideas from top Des Moines professionals. He also said the major will allow students maximum opportunities for their four years at Simpson.

“Students in Marketing Communication will have the chance to network and intern with top professionals in the Des Moines area and beyond. We’re really excited for the opportunities this will give our students,” Steffen said.

*This story was originally posted on the Department of Multimedia Communications website