Big changes are coming to Campus Day


Courtesy of Simpson PR

by Taylor Williams, Social Media Editor

The Student Government Association’s Organization Committee is changing Campus Day to include more than just community service.

Campus Day is a day dedicated to giving back to the community. Students who volunteer spend part of their day cleaning up the Simpson campus or doing community work outside of campus, typically helping local residents with yard work.

This year, Campus Day will take place on April 3 and will also include a carnival-themed fair with different foods and inflatables for students.

The Organization Committee, which consists of six students, has been discussing implementing these changes for several months. Their hope is to boost the campus morale and spark change.

“We want to make Campus Day a day where students can be more involved,” said senior class senator Sydney Samples. “We want to make it more than just two hours out of their day and turn it into a full day’s worth of activities.”

Samples said SGA wants to bring everyone together and make sure students are not only helping outside the community but also coming together as a campus and building community.

The activities will kick off on Campus Day eve with Simpson Pride’s Drag Show followed by a late-night breakfast hosted by Residence Life.

“For almost 24 hours, there will be different activities sponsored by different members of the Simpson community,” Samples said.

Traditionally, Campus Day only consisted of about two hours of community service; now, they’ll have time to stick around, grab dinner and spend quality time with other members of the community.

Every year, Simpson sees different students across the student body stepping up to make the community a better place.

“A pretty high percentage of students help in one way or another,” Samples said.

The biggest determinant of a high student turnout is the weather.

“When it’s raining, we have less student involvement,” Samples explained. “But when it’s a really nice day, more and more students come out.

Samples encouraged students to round up a group of friends and come participate.