Greek community seek fixes for maintenance issues


by Chase Thurston, Staff Writer

Greek organizations on campus are making their concerns and suggestions for improvement known after experiencing subpar maintenance over the years, including unfixed leaks and communication issues.

Fraternities and sororities and their respective houses have long been staples on campus, and from the time recruitment for Greek life begins every year, all Greek organizations do their best to put forth a good house image.

However, some fraternities and sororities have found maintenance delays and ineffective fixes to be an obstacle in keeping their houses in order.

Noah Trujillo, house manager for Lambda Chi Alpha, spoke about some of the maintenance problems his house has faced.

“For a lot of the problems we have in the house that maintenance needs to take of, either it takes them a really long time to address it, or they’ll somewhat address it, but not follow up on it. What usually happens is that they’ll take some half-measures,” he said.

Lambda Chi Alpha had a pipe break in the entrance. Maintenance temporarily fixed the pipe by putting a bucket under the pipe, Trujillo said.

“It was there for a week, and I don’t know if they ever fixed the leak,” he said.

Another pipe broke in the kitchen over winter break and the pot sitting under it overflowed, he said. “While we were gone, the pot that was supposed to catch water ended up overflowing.”

“It just seems like maintenance isn’t really effectively doing their job,” Trujillo said.

He understands maintenance has a busy schedule, but thinks they should make sure on-campus housing is in stable conditions.

Trujillo wants better communication so the fraternity can see if the problems are being addressed.

While there are still problems to be dealt with, the college is making efforts to increase the effectiveness of communication and improve timeliness of repairs.

“In all, my experience with maintenance has been pretty positive. When we say something’s broken, they get someone out soon so we don’t have to live with big problems,” Jailyn Seabrooks, Community Adviser for Kappa Kappa Gamma, said.

Seabrooks said there is a plan for CAs to use an app in order to see the progress made for repairs submitted. Using this app, CAs could keep their residents informed about the status of their request.

“They’re also working on getting a new system, I refer to it as similar to the Domino’s pizza tracker app. When we submit work orders it’ll tell us step-by-step what they’re doing and if they’re ordering parts.”

Seabrooks also explained some of the obstacles that can be faced when maintenance needs arise in the KKG house.

“Our house is a sorority, which means that males aren’t allowed on the second floor or in the basement. Sometimes it can get a little bit difficult when they have to be in certain parts of the house to fix things,” she said.

Seabrooks said members do not typically know exactly when maintenance workers will be arriving, and it can be a challenge to let members living in the house know when these repairs are taking place.

“We’re hoping with the new system they’re implementing, that will kind of alleviate some of that, so we’ll have a little more communication and knowledge,” Seabrooks said.

Seabrooks said she hopes the new system will give residents the ability to understand the changes and repairs taking place.

“The main thing is that idea of communication. It would be nice to know when they’re going to come fix this or that they did fix this and what happened.”