Emails will alert students to parking tickets


Photo by Coby Berg

by Coby Berg, Staff Writer

Simpson security will now send emails to students when they get a parking ticket, according to  the Student Government Association.

In its Jan. 23 meeting, SGA discussed a way for students to be alerted when they receive a ticket, and now Simpson Security will make the idea a reality.

“We didn’t have to notify anyone about this idea,” Student Body President DJ Duve said. “Chris Frerichs (director of security) saw this in the minutes, and he personally took it onto himself to make sure students were getting notified.”

Photo by Coby Berg

According to Duve, a notification would go out after a student received a certain amount of parking tickets. However, by the time that student was notified, they may already have owed around $50 in tickets.

“We have heard stories every year about a first year not knowing where to park and not realizing they were in the wrong spot until a week later when they go to check on their car and they have this stack of parking tickets,” Duve said.

He also addressed the problem with freshmen not knowing where to park.

“If a first year or anyone is even a little confused on where to park, ask the upper classmen or the front desk or even security,” Duve said, adding that older students will be glad to help them.