Club of the Week: Dance Club


Photo by Alyssa Craven

by Alyssa Craven, Video Editor

Dance Club is a way for students to express themselves and have fun outside of class.

Sarah Lawson, a junior majoring in actuarial science and Spanish and one of the presidents of the Dance Club, found out about the activity while she was touring Simpson College.

“Once I got here, I asked my roommate if she would go with me and I found out that these really cool two girls down the hall wanted to go as well. That’s how the four of us that are in charge now came to be friends,” Lawson said.

Kelly Schwartz, Hannah Matt, Sarah Lawson, and Micaela Mersch are all leading members of the club.

Dance Club has taught a wide range of styles of dance from Irish step to cheer.

“We reach out to students at Simpson and we ask them to choreograph a dance every week,” said Hannah Matt, a junior majoring in interactive media and one of the presidents of Dance Club. “It can be something from their culture, so if they’re an exchange student, or if they were involved in show choir, or musicals.”

The club also allows students an outlet to relieve stress and experience new things.

“I like stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new things that I wouldn’t have an outlet for without this club,” said Lawson.

Members of the Dance Club will sometimes teach their own choreographed dance as well.

“My favorite part of Dance Club is learning a new dance every week,” said Matt. “It’s just a lot of fun with friends.”

Dance Club meets every Thursday at 8 p.m. in the dance studio by the fitness center.