Sophomore Student Body President, VP seek to restore faith in Simpson


Photo by Cecilia Martinez

by Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Sophomores DJ Duve and Jailyn Seabrooks were elected to serve as Student Body President and Vice President for the 2019-2020 academic school year. The election closed on Nov. 28.

Duve, who will be president, and Seabrooks, who will be vice president, said they are eager to take on their new roles and restore balance on campus. Here is what else they had to say:

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in these positions? Do you have any specific goals?

DJ: My main goal is to restore Simpson College’s reputation and the excitement around the college. As we all know, this college has undergone many emotional changes over the last couple years. These changes have cast the college in a negative light for some people. I hope to show prospective and current students the opportunities, experiences and successes this college can give someone. Also, I hope to remind alumni why they fell in love with this college and allow their voices to be heard.

Jailyn: My main goal is helping return the campus to a more peaceful and understanding community. The last year has been tough for everyone. People have felt unheard and like they don’t have a say in what is happening around us. As Student Body Vice President, I want to create a culture where every voice is being heard and respected.

Q: What’s it like representing the student body when you’ve only been on campus for a few semesters?

DJ: Representing the student body at a younger age is intimidating. Being younger allows me to bring a fresh perspective to the position. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this position, but I am more excited about what is to come.

Jailyn: I would be lying if I said it isn’t a little intimidating to be taking this role as a sophomore. With that being said, I also think DJ and I both have been very involved in our short time at Simpson. We have both been on (the Student Government Association) before and been involved in various other organizations. I feel like we both understand the culture and students at Simpson.

Q: Why do you think not very many people were interested in running this year? This is the second year in a row students ran for these positions unopposed.

DJ: I do not know why these positions have ran unopposed these last two years. I do not think anyone did anything wrong, but people may just be uninterested in these positions. If anyone is debating whether to run or not for future positions, I encourage them to go for it. These positions can be enjoyable and worthwhile if one takes initiative.

Jailyn: This is a question I have been asking, too. I don’t have a good answer, but I think it is a combination of things. Students at Simpson are busy and this is a very time-consuming role. I also think some students have concerns and questions about what exactly these roles do. I hope in the future we can encourage more students to run for these positions.

Q: What are you most nervous about?

DJ: I do not have any specific events or meetings that make me more nervous than others. I am more excited about all of this than I am nervous.

Jailyn: I can’t say there is anything specific that makes me nervous. In general, I am nervous about how divided our students and administration feel. I hope that in this role, I can help ease some of that tension.

Q: What is your mission statement?

DJ: My goal is to continue the great traditions here at Simpson. I intend to show prospective students the opportunity to excel at Simpson College both academically and socially. I intend to create a safer, healthier and more enjoyable campus for current students. Also, I intend to welcome back alumni. I want alumni’s voices to be heard, as they were the ones to lay the foundation for this college to excel. Overall, I want to create a Simpson family and strengthen the relationship between students, alumni and faculty.

Jailyn: My main goal is to continue building the Simpson community that we all know and love. We all are part of this community because we love it. I want students, alumni, staff, faculty and even prospective students to feel like they have a voice in this community. Simpson is built on over 100 years of tradition and greatness, and I am thankful to get to help continue that.