Majors & Minors Fair lets students explore options


Photo by Austin Hronich/The Simpsonian

by Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Simpson College Career Services hosted its annual Majors and Minors Fair Monday afternoon in Hubbell Hall.

Students from every academic level were invited to come and explore all the disciplines Simpson has to offer. Students also got the opportunity to see who is in each discipline and get to see what each discipline has to offer.

Junior elementary education major Meg Meyer said that the major and minor fair is the perfect place for “students to explore majors and minors they might not have ever thought of.”

Simpson College has 20 different academic departments and around 95 total different  majors and minors with 11 pre-professional programs such as nursing, engineering, and law.

Accounting professor Shane Cox believes the fair is most beneficial to first and second year students.

“This is a time to really get to know the professors and ask them about the real world,” Cox said. “It would be a disservice to our students if we didn’t offer them this information.”

The fair also helps students considering a certain area of study take a step further into their field of interest.

“It’s nice to see a student who is interested a year later sitting in your class because they decided to come to the fair,” Cox said.

He said after going to the fair, departments don’t usually see a huge influx in new students, but it is a “reaffirmation of students’ prior interest.”

While true, this was not the case for sophomore sociology and applied philosophy major and women and gender studies minor, Karrecia Crawley.

Crawley said the fair played a major role in helping her get to where she is today and was the reason she decided to change her major and minor. At first, she was double-majoring in biochemistry and sociology but once she got to the fair, everything changed.

“Its changed my course throughout college,” Crawley said as she discussed finding her love for philosophy and genders studies.

Freshmen students Maddie Jansen and Paris Flack also found the fair to be helpful.

“It provides good information, and I like that it allows you the opportunity to meet professors you’ll be working with in the future,” said Jansen, who is majoring in biochemistry.

Paris, a biology major, thinks it’s a good way for students to start a bond with their professors. She said it’s also a way students can see what to expect based on the major they choose.