Contributor: Open invite to attend student demonstration Friday


Students from various academic disciplines plan a student demonstration to take plan Friday in Kent Campus Center. Photo by Randy Paulson/The Simpsonian

by Tim Palese, Special to The Simpsonian

The last few weeks have been exceptionally difficult and frustrating for our campus. Many students were left reeling in the wake of last week’s unexpected cuts.

For students these events have been particularly upsetting and concerning. Part of the reason is that we of course love our professors and our programs and seeing them get cut is devastating.

However, what is perhaps more concerning and what many of us feel needs to be addressed is the blatant lack of transparency from the administration, and most of all, the fact that student voice has been effectively cut out of this entire process.

Students feel that the administration has failed in transparency and failed to hear student voices.

So, this Friday, students from all different departments will be holding a protest in Kent atrium to show to the Board of Trustees how students are affected by these cuts, that students do have a voice and that it is one that we want heard. We also want to show them our desire to sit down and talk about these issues, not be dismissed. We encourage everyone to come and participate.

What: “We Will Not Be Silent” Protest

When: 11:30 a.m.–2 p.m., during the Board of Trustees’ meeting lunch break

What to wear: All black

Where: Kent atrium

Who: Members of the Simpson community

Why: To protest the faculty cuts announced last week. The event will offer students an opportunity to voice how the cuts will affect them and the departments they are part of. Students can also express any frustration they feel at the administration’s lack of transparency.

Additional information: Posters are encouraged but will be subject to screening. Supplies will be provided. This will be a silent protest, but there will be specific student speakers for each affected department.