Letter to the Editor: Facts about the Simpson Promise


by The President's Cabinet

Reaction to The Simpson Promise, launched Nov. 6, has been overwhelmingly positive.

However, we realize there are still some questions and misconceptions about the program from current students and others. We would like to address those issues here.

Some critics of The Simpson Promise have called it “false” or “misleading.”

That simply isn’t the case.

Students in the targeted income category will not pay any tuition their first year at Simpson. That saves these students real money.

They still pay room, board and fees, they will absorb any increases in these costs in years two, three and four, and they may have to take out student loans to help cover their costs.

This is all clearly mapped out for students and families.

We recognize there may be some frustration that The Simpson Promise does not apply to current students.

College costs need to be addressed and we understand that.

That is why we decided to be leaders in doing something about it. The Simpson Promise is our first step.

While we would like to tackle all the challenges at once, it simply isn’t fiscally possible. That said, we remain committed to doing what we can to make Simpson accessible for our current students.

We’ve also received questions about how the college can afford a program like The Simpson Promise when faculty and staff are required to take furlough days and some budgets are being cut.

It is important to remember that while students who enroll under The Simpson Promise pay no tuition, they will still be responsible for room, board, and fees.

Additionally, cost-cutting measures in place now are impacting this year’s budget. The Simpson Promise takes effect in 2018-19.

To that end, The Simpson Promise isn’t without risk.

It could cost Simpson additional money, but it was a risk we were willing to take to provide a pathway to a Simpson education for a group of Iowa students who have stopped considering us.

We see this as an investment in the future of Simpson in much the same way we invested in the Speech and Debate program and the Culver Center.

It is a way to bring more students to campus. If we are successful, it will ultimately benefit everyone.

One of our goals at Simpson College is to produce leaders. We view The Simpson Promise as leading by example.

You can find the details at www.simpson.edu/thesimpsonpromise.

If there are still questions you feel are unanswered, or if you have had a change in your financial circumstances, please direct those questions to the office of financial assistance.

They will take the time to make sure you understand the program and its goals.

If there are any other questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the President’s Cabinet.