Simpson theater members to receive CPR and AED training


by Randy Paulson, Senior Staff Reporter

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Simpson Theatre is set to become the latest department to receive CPR and AED instruction from Katie Lee, director of Student Health Services.

Lee has taught adult CPR and AED training to many staff members of various groups on campus, such as Residence Life, Upward Bound, summer conference and security.

“The Theatre Department is new to me as an instructor but probably needed as BPAC has an AED that someone should know how to use if necessary,” Lee said in an email.

Sophomore Katrina Sieck, a production undergraduate associate for the theater department, said about 12 students who hold various leadership and management roles within the department will take part in a 30-minute training session with Lee.

“It’s just so they know the basics, like if an emergency happens,” Sieck said.

Sieck said the theater undergraduate associates, front of house staff and stage management teams will all receive the training. Because the stage management staff are at every rehearsal, Sieck said they will be “the main contact” if something happens during rehearsal.

The front of house staff will be trained in case there are any emergencies involving patrons.

“It’s not really something that we have to do. We just decided that it would be good to have it,” she said.

The training session will likely take place later this month, Sieck said.