History comes alive as Nostalgia Dance revives jazz-filled era

by Andri Papanicolas, Staff Reporter

The Simpson College Jazz Ensemble and the music department are having its well-known Nostalgia Dance on Friday.

The night is put together to bring you back in time. The ’30s and ’40s was the time when jazz music was mainstream. The occasion will be in Great Hall and the event is free. There will be free food and swing dancing with live artists singing old classics.

Dave Camwell, associate professor of music, is excited about the event.

“We do it every two years, it’s a tradition here at Simpson,” he said.

For those who are rusty or don’t know how to dance to jazz, there will be swing dancing lessons 6:30 p.m. Kick-off starts at 7 p.m.

Camwell said it’s important for students to know where jazz music comes and be aware of the traditions.

‘“We can learn things from the past and music was a real craft back then,” he said. “It’s a great way to celebrate the history of the music.”

Vocalist Natalie Gordon said this is her second time working the event. She is on the decoration committee and also one of the live artists. She has been rehearsing her numbers and is very thrilled for the night.

“It’s going to be ’40s types themed, old classic Sinatra… It’s going to be fun!” she said.

She describes the atmosphere as low key, light and fun. She is most excited about seeing everyone come together and see everything comes to life. It has been a lot of planning with many people involved, she said.

“I think it’s important to let people in on different culture and different things from past American history,” Gordon said.

It’s important to enjoy the music and have a good time, but also a lot of seniors are putting a lot of hard work in to it, since it’s their last time, she said.

It’s not only for music students, she said. Gordon thinks it’s even more important for other students to learn more about this type of music.

Camwell is a big fan of jazz music and he guaranteed a great night. He said you don’t need to know anything about music or dancing to have a good time. He encouraged everyone to come and try it.

For those student thinking about going to the Nostalgia Dance, Gordon said there are no other colleges that put this on, and you should go for the experience.