Letter to the Editor: It’s OK to grieve, seek support


by Lauren Myers

Simpson College Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni:

As our hearts are heavy from the sudden and tragic deaths of two Des Moines-area police officers and Simpson alumni, Sgt. Anthony Beminio and Officer Justin Martin, I would like to take the time to say a few things.

When a police officer is killed, the pain to fellow officers, the community and our nation is intense and immeasurable.Lauren Myers

In May of 2015, I heard of similar news happening in the city next to my hometown. Although, the details of that situation are different from this recent news, I know that the feelings we as communities experience are the same.

My cousin, Kerri Orozco, an officer for the Omaha Police Department in Nebraska, who had served on the city’s gang unit since 2012, went to help serve a felony arrest warrant when gunfire erupted hitting both her and the suspect.

The news of her passing was and is still devastating. Although, we struggle to understand how shootings like these can occur and why such terrible things happen, I want you to remember a few things.

In the up and coming days, months, or even years that it is more than okay to reach out to those around you, the resources on our campus and in our community. Receiving support and care can be comforting.

It helps to speak with others who share this experience so you don’t feel different or alone. If you want to keep informed, try to limit the amount of news you take in whether that is from social media, television or newspapers. Being overexposed can increase your stress. So take breaks to distract yourself from thinking and do something you enjoy. Make sure to monitor all of your physical needs – being sure to eat, sleep, exercise and (if possible) maintain a daily routine.

Grief is a long process. Give yourself time to experience your feelings and to recover. It will take time. As a community, I want us all to remember while it may seem that the world is just falling apart, there are good people and things out there.

So let’s continue coming together as we know best to support and help us all deal with the emotional stress and strain of this tragedy.


Counseling Services, [email protected], 515-961-1556; Chapel, 515-961-1610 or 515-240-2180.