Q&A with new faculty at Simpson College


Jayde Vogeler, Photography Editor/The Simpsonian

Graphic design professor Cindy Fleagle has taught web design and animation for over 12 years.

by Clayton Bowers, Staff Reporter

The start of a new school year doesn’t just bring a new community of students but also new faculty and staff. Cindy Fleagle and Chad Timm are just two of the new faculty on campus this year, but their already apparent energy and passion for Simpson would lead you to believe that they have been here for years. I sat down with each of them and found out about their experiences that led up to them stepping on campus.

So what were you up to before you came to Simpson?

Fleagle: I taught web design and animation for 12 years. I later completed training in San Antonio for permanent cosmetics and have really enjoyed doing that. So I’ve been designing makeup and running my own business for the past year, but I’ve always loved teaching, especially in this field of study. So, when I saw the opportunity to work at Simpson, I couldn’t let that pass.

Timm: I actually graduated from Simpson in 1995. When I first stepped on campus, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Very early on, however, I realized I wanted to be a teacher. So I graduated with a degree in history and secondary education and went and taught at a high school for 13 years. I later went on to get my Ph.D. in education and taught at Grand View for six years. I loved the students and appreciated everything I learned from my colleagues, and I honestly wasn’t really looking to leave, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to come back to Simpson.

What has been your favorite part about Simpson so far?

Fleagle: The people here would definitely be my favorite part. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; it’s been a great experience so far. I’m very impressed with the students at Simpson and their dedication to learning. When they were going around the classroom introducing themselves during the first class, I noticed almost everyone had a double major and/or a minor, so it was nice to see that kind of dedication to learning.

Timm: My favorite thing about Simpson, both now and when I was a student, is the deep-rooted sense of community. It’s hard to explain, but every time I step on campus I just feel like I’m home, and it’s an environment that’s important to me, and I’m really passionate about it. Also during the fall time when the maple leaves start to turn colors, I would argue that we have the most beautiful campus in the state.

Have you been in Iowa your entire life?

Fleagle: Yes, I’ve always lived in Iowa. I have traveled to many places for both business and pleasure, and for conferences and training, but I’ve always stayed in Iowa.

Q: Have you noticed any differences or similarities about Simpson since you were last here?

Timm: Physically, yes. The improvements made, like the new wing on Barker and the Kent Campus Center, are both incredible improvements to the campus. A similarity here would be the passion for students and how engaged the students are in civic engagement. Civic engagement has always been important, but it feels like it’s more clearly identified now, which is amazing.