In dire need of diversity

by Editorial

In the past, some have thought that the marketing strategies that the college used to attract students to Simpson were not working. That theory has recently been set aside with the enrollment numbers up for this year’s freshman class. Now that Simpson has managed to get students to campus (and hopefully keep them here), the college should now make diversity among students a priority.

The diversity task force needs to develop new ways to attract a more diverse group of students to campus. This includes minorities, students from out of state and from out of the country. The current methods of convincing minority students to attend Simpson College are not producing the results that they should be. After all, Simpson is a great school and has a lot to offer to any person that comes to campus.

Simpson should promote the college in every way that it can in order to make the campus more diverse. This might include advertising Simpson’s record in giving good financial aid to all students and further emphasizing the fact that with the tuition hikes at state universities, the price difference between the two has dwindled down considerably.

Once students are able to get over the costs of going to a small private college, Simpson should be promoting the small, quaint, close atmosphere that the school has to offer. This is a very safe and friendly campus that encourages all students to get involved.

Overall, Simpson is doing an effective job of promoting the college to the types of students that continuously enroll. The focus now needs to switch to making the college a more diverse place.