Spring classes offer new opportunities for activity

Spring classes offer new opportunities for activity

by Laura GillespieStaff Writer

Simpson College intramurals is offering three alternative workouts this semester. Step aerobics, turbo kickboxing and water aerobics are all available as another way to get into shape and keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Nicole Darling, assistant director of student development and intramurals director, says intramurals is trying to provide increased offerings this semseter, especially some individual-based activities, to provide students more options.

“We try to offer some type of aerobic activity based on students’ needs and wants,” Darling said. “It’s another opportunity to give people who aren’t wanting to compete as a team other intramural events at the time–it gives variety.”

Step aerobics, instructed by senior Chelsea Burns, takes place at Camp Lounge in the BSC from 9-10 p.m. on Monday and Thursday and from 7-8 a.m. on Tuesday and Friday.

“Step aerobics is a group fitness class that pertains of six-to-eight -inch steps with 35-45 minutes of cardio and strength training,” Burns said. “It’s used to target abs and all of the lower body.”

Burns became interested in instructing after an internship last semester, so she went to intramurals to set it up.

“I like to teach people about group fitness, health and nutrition,” Burns said. “It’s kind of inspiring to see how many people want to come work out, learn and better themselves.”

Turbo kickboxing is offered in Camp Lounge on Monday and Thursday from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

According to Darling, turbo kickboxing is a high, intense cardio workout that doesn’t involve any type of equipment, but has a lot of movement and a lot of sweat with all the kicking and punching.

Instructor Tiffany Koenig, who works in Indianola and also teaches classes at a fitness center, also talked with Darling about instructing classes. She enjoys the movement of turbo kickboxing.

“I’ve tried all of the other classes and this one makes me want to come back and teach,” Koenig said. “It’s not boring like running on a treadmill, but it continually changes.”

Water aerobics is offered Monday through Thursday at 9 p.m. in the pool at Cowles Fieldhouse. The class rotates between four different instructors, Beth Ingersoll, Rhea Purvis, Stephanie Zeorlin and Emily Nelson.

Having four instructors provides a variety of routines in the water since each instructor can work with their styles and the different class requests to work on certain muscles or body parts. Routines might include treading, running and punching in the water, and could be in the shallow or deep end, or a combination of the two.

Darling says aerobics is not only beneficial to your overall basic health by increasing the heart rate, toning muscles and releasing stress, but is a good way to have fun and exercise with a variety of routines.

“I think it offers another way for students to take a break from studying, stay healthy, have some type of activity and maybe release some stress, things a lot of people are looking for after the holidays,” Darling said. “There is also the social aspect of aerobic classes, meeting new people and spending time with other students is just another opportunity for people to get to know each other and talk.”

Freshman Liz Hobbs takes advantage of the aerobic activities by attending step and turbo kickboxing sessions.

“I attend to feel better about myself and to get into shape,” Hobbs said. “I like the fact that I am working several parts of my body at the same time and the instructors are encouraging.”

Aerobic sessions are open and free to all students, faculty, staff, alumni and spouses. So far sessions have been receiving good turnouts.

“They’re always heavily attended at the beginning of the year and as the weather gets nicer it tends to drop off,” Darling said. “We will run all our aerobics to the end of March, but hopefully it will be nice by April so we can get outside and do things.”

Darling is pleased with all of the opportunities available for aerobic sessions this semester.

“This semester has been really nice because we’ve been able to offer more than just a few time slots or more than just one type of class,” Darling said. “We are limited to when the space is open, but overall I’m happy with being able to offer three different types of aerobic activity on top of everything we do for intramurals.”