Letter to the Editor

Last week’s (February 7) edition of the Simpsonian reported that there are two AEDs on Simpson campus, and that the “school purchased the AEDs about three years ago.”

In fact, the first AED was installed near the security office in BSC in the summer of 2004. The impetus for the purchase of that first AED, which came with a price tag of just under $2200, came from a group of faculty. After we suggested that an AED was an important campus purchase, for the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, we could find no available budget sources. The following donated personal funds to purchase the AED: Register Bolen, Professors Colella, DiPalma, Doling, Everhart, Mueller, St.Clair, Sloan, Steffen, Tinder, and myself. Our fundraising was ultimately assisted by an allocation from the Wellness Program, and a matching grant from the Simpson Guild.

The location of the first AED resulted from an analysis by the AED vendor, who visited the campus in order to make his recommendation. Kudos to the SGA for making it possible to add another AED.

Ruth M. Weatherly

Professor of Management