Let’s hear it

How do you feel about college sweethearts that are married/engaged?

“Ultimately it’s their choice. My opinion is that they have so much to learn about themselves first, and they’d miss out on so many experiences.”” – Freshman Sarah Van Wey

“Oh, jeez. I’m very happy for them. I’d wait until I had a job lined up or the future was more certain.” -Senior Cal Busby

“I don’t see what the push of marriage is, especially before graduation. I have too many bills to worry about.” – Senior Brook Irlmeier

“I have no objections. If I found the right girl I would.” – Junior Josh Youngman

“That would put too much pressure on the relationship and college is about fun. You want to get to spend time with your friends.” -Sophomore Mackenzie Hinrichs

“You can’t tie yourself down now and miss out on all the experiences you could possibly have.” -Freshman Ashley Frederiksen